Alarm Response

Alarm Response

Commercial Alarms- Proximus

At A Rapid Response Mobile Security we can offer our customers the combination of a commercial alarm being supplied, installed and monitored. We also offer a keyholding service with this package, we are able to offer the fastest response service in the industry.

Alarm Monitoring

The strategically placed Alarm Receiving Centre provides critical real time information for the monitoring of a variety of systems; including but not limited to, CCTV, intruder detection, electronic access control, vehicle tracking, fire and critical plant monitoring.

The centre is totally customer service focused and greatly complements all of the services offered by A Rapid Response Security. By despatching the nearest vehicle to the alarm activation, also monitored by the centre, we can radically reduce our alarm response time.

Mobile Patrols

Working with you to define your levels of risk, we will devise an internal and external patrol route that given our experience, will act as a most effective deterrent. As well as deterring criminal activity, a patrol will alert the Officer to the threat of flood, fire or other incidents.

Deister are placed at agreed inspection points. These deisters are read by the Mobile Patrol Officer using a personal digital assistant. In conjunction with the PDA Desiter report, all of our vehicles are fitted with a satellite tracking system. These two features provide proof of service excellence.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

The key holding service is delivered through a unique system known as Vanvault, available only through A Rapid Response Security. The device is used to house the keys to your premises.The Vanvault can only be accessed by an authorised Mobile Driver.